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This is Eagle Vision from the manga. As of 10/09, two weeks precannon. Before he sets off for Cephiro. In fact, Lantis just left a week ago and he's proposing the invasion now.

If you don't know who this is, then here are some important facts:

Eagle is a charming man. Unfailingly polite, with the smile of a politician and the confidence of a commanding officer; courteous even when threatening your life. Underlying his smile, however, is intense calculation. He is perceptive to other people's motivating factors, and can memorize the details pertaining to these factors simply by paying attention.

Eagle is not a violent man by nature, nor malicious, but he will do anything it takes to get what he wants. He has the best of intentions, of course; there is simply no changing his mind once it's set. Even if he feels regret or shame from his actions, he will not let feelings stop his single minded pursuit.

Socially, Eagle is used to attention and people knowing who he is. As the son of Autozam's President and the Commander of his country's military forces, he is a public figure. To him, appearances can be everything, and he always strives for 'what matters'.(*) He takes commands well, with a smile and a nod, though he does tend to interpret the orders to his own ends. Cunningly so, because it seems that no one is ever insulted by his actions.(*)

Like most CLAMP characters, he makes decisions with his heart. Although logical and planning, his goals are set with what he feels. Though he can be emotionally selfish, he does think of others when deciding his course of action; Eagle just prefers to do his own thing, without their involvement. He doesn't try to justify himself; he wants what he wants for his own reasons, and if you needed to know, he would tell you.

When it comes to what other people feel about him, however, he is plainly oblivious to subtleties.

for the tl;dr-

Basic Terms:
*stubborn (strong willed/self assure)
*self absorbed (perceptive except when it comes to himself)
*intellegent (thinks too much)
*polite (always smiling)

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